Boss Bashing

Boss’ birthday? Throw a little bash! Come over for a quick baking session to make a cake your boss won’t easily forget!

Top Chef

Had a good spell at work lately? Then let the juniors sit back, and the senior management pamper them with their best tricks up their sleeve!

Chota Chef

Get your team to come along with their little ones to cook up a storm – and the best part, to take home to mommy/daddy. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your future recruits here!

Misster Chef

On Womens’ Day (or, just like that) the men in your teams don the aprons for the women. Just a little compensation for the glass-ceiling.

Creativity Quotient

Just a bag of groceries, no set recipe, and minimal expertise advice. Teams are to make their own recipe, and each team is entitled just 8 questions per chef. A recipe for disaster? Watch your teams prove otherwise!

Deadline Management

Creativity works great under pressure! Which is why, in this module, we cut a whole hour down, and watch the team grapple with more responsibilities, multitasking, and still, the pressure to deliver an excellent meal!

Presentation Competence

Teams learn skills of plating, and the rules of a restaurant-like setup of waiting on their “customers”. They introduce and present each course with information, entertain questions with the help of the executive chefs, and even teach their “consumers” how to eat and enjoy the meal.

Sales Capability

The teams prepare dishes for each other. They understand customer demand, execute a product, and finally pitch the dishes they have prepared to each other. They see through branding, pricing, selling – and taking feedback, in a mock market setup.

Full Meals (Full-Day)

Aside from being a full-fledged 6 hour activity, we also offer add-on customizations. Further, we’ve broken up this module into smaller units that each enhances team dynamics. As team-builders yourselves, you will see these lessons in theory – and in practice in the kitchen.

Teams are divided up and delegated tasks like chopping, boiling, steaming, roasting, baking, etc. They can consult with our expert chefs for directions, but the clock’s ticking! The teams get ready to then present their offerings to the expert chefs – and the course that wins their favour gets full bragging rights!

Having worked hard and together as a team in the kitchen toward one greater goal – preparing a fantastic, memorable meal – your teams produce a delicious result that is for all to enjoy. We finally debrief the participants about the excellent dynamics of a team that they just put into play. And then, the festivities begin! Paired with fine wine, enjoy a fine hand-made meal with friends!

Plate Meals (Half-Day)

Want to get your team charged up with a little time to spare? Has your CEO just flown in, and doesn’t have too much time to bond with the team? Then our 3-hour module is perfect for you. Throw your teams together and prep for a quick two-course meal of a salad and a dessert, or a nibble and a pasta. Put the pens and the presentations away. Here, your teams will come together, loosen their ties, roll up their sleeves, and have some good old fun!

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