We believe that the best magic happens in the best settings! Our purpose built studio is just what is needed to make this magic happen.

You’ll find our studio fitted to the brim with world-class equipment, and you’ll be armed with the best-in-market tools to whip up that storm, all with stringent safety measures – to ensure you have a great time, with maximum utility, fun, safety and flexibility.

  • A spacious floor with 8 cooking islands, each with their own cooktop, oven, chimney.
  • Segregated workspaces for vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooking.
  • A sprawling dining area that doubles up as a fully equipped conference facility.
  • Indoor, and outdoor dining.
  • A zero-electricity open-air, open-flame traditional coal-grill BBQ setup, overlooking the bustling city.
  • A full-stocked larder of groceries
  • Renowned branded equipment (Refer to our Partners page for more details)
  • Strict adherence to international fire and safety standards.