Are you looking for a creative way to bring your teams together for bonding in the city?

Are you looking for a fun filled initiative to bring about learning in your organization?

Are you looking at making your important day a memorable experience with friends and family?

Are you looking at challenging your friends on their culinary skills?

Are you looking to learn cooking that makes shows on TV a cakewalk?

Are you dreaming of cooking in a “Master-Chef” kitchen?

Welcome to Something’s Cooking Culinary Arts. Here, we bring people together in the kitchen to foster social interaction with that special ingredient called FUN.

The kitchen is a venue of social interaction that is unlike any other. It is a multi-sensorial experience, and has seen families and friends convene to do more than speak and listen to each other. The happiest homes come together at mealtimes. The best of friends catch up over chai. Isn’t it an idea, then, to bring teams together for a delicious meal – which they prepare themselves? Wouldn’t it be a memorable experience to give teams the chance to create and accomplish a tangible (and delicious!) result, almost immediately?

Our gleanings from the hearth have been simple and delightful, and it is this that we wish to stir into the way we work – to transform work into a way we play.

Team building is alchemy much like cooking. A transformation process where various ingredients come together to make magic happen! At Something’s Cooking we facilitate this magic armed with world-class equipment, in a fine-dining studio setting. We offer an exhaustive range of courses tailor-made to fit various human resource objectives and we open our floors to just an all-round good time, where you can let your hair down.

Read on and find out what we have in store for you.