For Corporates

Have an objective in mind? We’ve got a plan for you. Bring your teams over to celebrate, as a reward or just to regroup. Encourage Innovation, rapport and creativity by inculcating a winning attitude. Conduct your training modules with excellent support, or make that paradigm shift happen. We also have courses in place for management development, through associative learning, and team orientation – all set in a charged, fun, laughter-rich environment!

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For Groups

Once your friends have exhausted run-of-the-mill ideas on how to spend a weekend or holiday, head over to our top-notch studio and cook up a storm. Host a BBQ cookout, a bridal shower, a surprise birthday bash, or your little one’s 3rd big day. Not sure what to do with your motley crew of cousins? Want to do something different this Alumni Meet? Come on over and cook something!

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For Individuals

Are you a momma’s boy who doesn’t know how to cook, or a dessert-fanatic who wants to learn the most awesome delicacies? Or you might be a newly wed and want to impress your beau.

You can check out the various open cooking classes that are scheduled, and enroll yourself. Join in, cook a dish and make a friend.